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Did Your Wife Give You Objections To Your Fantasy? 4.8/5 (4)

If your wife objected to the idea of sleeping with other men, congratulations!


Because of two very important reasons. Before I tell you what those reasons are though, I want to tell you why you should not only expect to encounter objections along the way, but also help you understand why it’s a good thing to have encountered them.


The Myth Of The “Lucky Cuckold”

Most men seem to have this notion that it takes a certain kind of woman to be willing to get into the cuckold or hotwifing lifestyles. The reality though is that there are all kinds of wives who become naughty cuckoldresses and slutty hotwives. Fat wives and skinny wives, old wives and young wives, sexy wives and ugly wives, slutty-by-nature wives and conservative wives, religious wives and non-religious wives, wives who jumped at the idea, and wives who drug their feet along the way.

You know what this should tell you?

It should tell you that whatever kind of person you believe your wife to be, it has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you can ultimately get her to participate in and enjoy your cuckold or hotwife fantasy.

Now before I accidentally trigger people who think otherwise, let me throw them a bone. Am I saying that being married to a young, hot, open, non-religious, slutty-by-nature woman won’t have any effect on whether or not she might be more willing to do it than a woman who is her opposite? No, I’m not saying that at all.

What I’m saying is that the factors that can make the difference between getting your wife on board to sleep with other men versus being gridlocked due to her stubborn and close-minded resistance are more in control than you might think.

So don’t let yourself be fooled by the “lucky cuckold” myth that would have you think only guys who were lucky enough to be with the right kind of woman can be lucky enough to live out their fantasies. Not only that, but I can also guarantee you there are women out there who you would have never ever believed would have eventually gave into this fantasy. But they did.

Let that be the fuel to keep your hope alive that your wife can too.


An Often Overlooked Reality

We don’t live in vacuums; we live in societies. In turn, societies condition us to think and not think, feel and not feel, and act and not act in certain ways according to the values, beliefs, and mores of the society and time in which we live. This is what is known as social conditioning.

Furthermore, our past and our families also play a very large role in conditioning us. So I want you to take a minute and think about how your wife has been conditioned, societally and familially.

If she’s like most other women, she’s been raised to value things like sexual prudence, privacy, monogamy, happiness, morality, respect, boundaries, etc; to be averse to things like infidelity, promiscuity, open relationships, etc; to fear what’s new and threatens to affect any kind of status-quo harmony she has come to expect and depend on; to desire security and safety; to be defensive towards anything that could take away what she sees as hers or what is important to her.

If you can accept the above description as accurate (as accurate as a short description like that can be), then what kind of response would you expect to get when trying to introduce something right into the middle of your relationship that at best goes against your wife’s values, triggers her feelings towards what she’s averse to, stirs her fears, and threatens to possibly upset everything she’s come to hold dear more than her very life itself?


What To Expect

If you’re like most men who haven’t brought up their fantasy yet to their wife, it means you’ve probably already had thoughts similar to the above–which is why you haven’t introduced your fantasy. Deep down you don’t think it’ll ever happen.

If you have brought up your fantasy up to your wife, then the objections and resistance she gave you can be traced back in some way to all the above factors.

Whatever group you’re in, you should expect to encounter some resistance along the way.


Here’s Why I Am Congratulating You

So that congratulations you were given just a few paragraphs up–I said I was giving it to you for two reasons. And now, I’m going to tell you what they are.

  1. It means that you’re wife is a normal woman with traditional/conventional values and she values her relationship with you. This is the type of foundation you should want to have before pursuing fantasies that go “outside” the marriage.
  2. If she’s given you objections, it means you’re on the right path!

The vast majority of guys who were able to make their fantasy happen encountered some kind of resistance along the way. Some guys face a lot of resistance up front, some guys in the middle, and some guys the very minute before she’s about to walk out the door to leave for her date. Getting resistance doesn’t mean you can’t make your fantasy happen; it means you need to figure out how you can work around the resistance she’s giving you in a way that she’ll be satisfied with.


Now What?

If you haven’t quite made the logical decision to spring for enlisting my guidance in a comprehensive way (either through consulting help or a system you can follow yourself) to help you navigate the objections your wife has given you, then you should at least check out The Cuckold’s Compass Objection Guide.

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether or not you value your relationship enough to want to take it the level you deep down desire to.

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