How It all Happens In Real Life 5/5 (8)

Notice the bumps in the road. This is normal. Nothing ever unfolds perfectly along the way. And you know what? That’s ok. You just keep your center and accept it as part of the process. You can even use it to your advantage if you know how.

Let’s see what happened next:

So it appears that right now my wife and I are on the same page and we are moving in a healthy way towards her having a friend with benefits. We are going to define this in our own way and do this in our own way. I am thrilled by her decisions and attitudes. She is all in. Keep in mind that until we met this guy she was a fairly sexually shy woman when it came to anything involving anyone else. To recap, here is what has been going on this week. Sometimes I pinch myself because I cannot believe that this is happening to me/us. Pretty exciting stuff.

1. On Sunday her boyfriend (that is what she teasingly is calling him) told her he was sending her a couple of sexy items. [...] and she sent him a picture of it! I told her teasingly a few weeks ago that she could tell me "I want to make love to [...]" (fucking sounds a bit shallow) when she knew she was ready. Last night as we made love she looked me in the eye and told me that! She also told me to text that to him. I asked her if it was bedroom talk afterwards and she said it was not and I should text him. I did!

2. They have been texting and talking on the phone. I think the 3 of us are all eagerly anticipating his visit to [...] He wants to do things with both of us outside the bedroom so that should be fun.

3. [...]Our home is very private and secure. I think her being with him in our bed would be super sexy. At this point she wants him to have a hotel close by and i am fine with this. I am not going to push this as she is proceeding at super hot hot wife speed and she may end up changing her mind once she sees him. I'm not kidding as I type these words I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING.

4. Had the safe sex conversation with her "boyfriend" (they have not had intercourse yet) at the request of my wife. I cannot believe it, but she is open to no condoms if he is completely tested and has proof that he is clean. She and I will get tested too. UNBELIEVABLE......So incredible that she is feeling this open and comfortable about all of this. It blows my mind. I checked my boundaries and im just fine with it. In fact it would be an added extra to this sexy situation.

5. [...]

6. I'm a touchy guy anyhow but the last 3-4 weeks I have been showering L with love and affection. Lots of physical displays of affection. Lots of sitting in front of the TV rubbing her feet and legs. Lots of massages (which i'm pretty good at) and not always sex in return. Went out to dinner this evening and we were both glowing. It was like no one else was in the restaurant. Made dinner with her a couple of days ago. [...]. Im opening doors, LEADING her body when i walk with her in pubic. Protecting her in public. Holding umbrellas. Dropping her off at the door if its raining. These are all your suggestions by the way and I did some of these before, but I have really stepped it up and it has worked perfectly. GREAT STUFF by the way.

7. And as important as number 6 is, I have also been allowing her space. We have always had this "catch and release" kind of thing between us. We dont need to spend every waking hour together. So tonight as I write this she is relaxing by the fire and I am in my office writing this. RELEASE, no suffocation. Tomorrow she is going out with a long time bestie girlfriend. They both like to [...] so I suggested she go [...] and have fun just the 2 of them. [...] She thanked me for the offer and told me "she had the best husband in the world" and I told her "no one [...] is happier than us right now". And we both meant it.

Thanks for everything, THIS IS WORKING.

So things are continuing to still progress steadily. It’s hard to imagine that this is the same woman who once said “I’m monogamous,” isn’t it? It gets better though, because here’s where it’s actually about to go down. The anticipation/buildup is intoxicating:

So tomorrow my wifes friend/lover/boyfriend whatever flies into town. [...] And the adventure really gets real. REALLY REAL.

With the busy Christmas season my wife and I had to find time to stay connected. I think we did a pretty good job "compartmentalizing" family and our hotwife journey. We did get some time away for coffee, and dinner, and some last minute shopping. Lots of door opening and helping her from me over the past 3-4 weeks. Lots of massages and foot rubs. Lots of gentle leading on my part, and she has been following! More than any piece of advice you have given me that is the best. Lead and she will follow.

So for tonight we are going to relax and watch some TV as we get ready for what comes next. We have let it build (no sex) since the 24th. I have built up his visit in my mind to be something fantastic. Tempering my expectations is one thing I am really going to work on. Making sure she is in charge and letting her set the pace is another.

His language regarding this has been exemplary and they have become friends so that is very good. Not pushing in any way is going to be my key. I also have a tendency to "overshare" (as you can probably cobble together by the length of my emails). I am going to work on being chill and relaxed and not guiding the conversation in a sexual way. THEY ARE DOING JUST FINE ON THEIR OWN with that.

Even through all her nerves of him coming to see her, L's attitude has been great. Shockingly great. This evening she has a twinkle in her eye and is going to the gym to work out.

All 3 of us have been tested for STD's and he is bringing written proof. She has been asking me plenty of questions about sex and guys. Funny you make love to a woman for [...] years and she thinks that only I like this or that. So cute to have her ask about what feels best when she gives head or whatever. "Im not sure I can handle his girth" and "how should i kiss and lick him down there" are crazy hot things to have your wife ask you.

I have a bunch of concerns, but most all of them are "future tripping". This is pretty exciting stuff. One thing I would like is to have him make love to her at our house. She is concerned about that. So I am going to let it go and not push this, even though that is what I would like. I think it will be more relaxed and sexy that way, but I get her concern to a degree.

So very soon we will be officially taking the hotwife plunge. With [...], whom she is very attracted too. For me this is super erotic to think of. This has worked out perfectly so far. I just hope it continues. If I was not living this right now I would not believe it!

I will be back in touch as this unfolds, probably with all kinds of thoughts about what this new experience will mean and how to proceed from there. (future tripping again).


And now for the thrilling conclusion:

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