How It all Happens In Real Life 5/5 (8)

Happy New Year,

Well what can I say.  If I did not have the pictures to prove it I would not have believed it.  [...] came to town and everything went pretty well.  We picked him up from the airport.  I looked in my rear view mirror and here was my cute wife holding hands and laughing with him.

We had planned on getting lunch but he said he was not hungry. My wife looked at me and said it was ok to take him back to our house as it was too early for him to check into his hotel.  THAT WAS A HUGE surprise as she had told me that she was not comfortable with him being at our place!  We had worked up some extra security measures at home just in case with hanging sheets on the doors with windows so I hung them while he toured the house with her.  THEY MADE IT AS FAR AS OUR BEDROOM.

Within 30 minutes of getting there he was making love to her ON OUR BED!  With me watching!  It was incredible.  He was super hung and while i could not see everything she gave me a thumbs up sign when he was fully in her.

So in the 3 days he was here they had 5 long sessions.  Some at our place, some at his hotel.  She went down on him, which was another surprise.  We played together as well, she had so many orgasms she lost count.  Some without touching herself.

I went down on her after, which I did not know if I would do.  And after each time it was NOT awkward with him at all.  And it was not just all sex.  Lots of touching and flirting.  We went [...] one day and hung out.  The sex part could not have been better.

A few places of disappointment, but i built this in my mind so big it was going to happen.  He seemed to have a bit of an issue [...]

My wife is a born skeptic. [...]  SHe and I are super connected and having a great time. I certainly want this to continue and have yet to see any "warmwife" or cold hotwife in her yet.  I know that trust is super important and he did say he would be coming back to see us. Just a few hiccups.

She is saying things like "If it were not him this would not have happened".  I can respect that but there is a part of me that wants her open to other possibilities. [...] What if the bar has been set so high that this is it????  WHat if he does not come back or flakes out now????  He has every right too, but I hope he is good at his word.  Time will tell.

So for now I am staying in the moment, and let me tell you there have been alot of them. We really have no regrets. And it has been a great experience. I like her getting to know him and that dynamic is great.  I cannot see us being a couple where she plays with random guys. JUST NOT OUR THING. But having sexual chemistry with a guy and knowing him is super sexy.

One final observation.  Nothing sexier than stepping into the shower after our last play time together and having her applying moisturizer to him standing in our bedroom, except stepping out of the shower and having her still doing that, on her knees.  Oh and them being close together in public is super hot too.

I will let you know when I need an email from you offering advice.  It will be when things go a bit awry.  In the meantime, let me know you received this.

I cant believe this happened!!!!!!!

(Disclaimer: although the story is entirely real, the picture above is not Ron’s wife. He is not sharing those pictures mentioned above for discretionary reasons).

There’s plenty of commentary I could add to all this, but for the most part, Ron’s story speaks for itself. And do you know what the most mind-blowing thing about all this is? Stories like Ron’s happen all the time around here. I wonder when the time will come for your story to happen 🙂

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