Ashley’s Wreck 4.4/5 (7)

Ashley Lane’s 4-inch heels clicked-clicked-clicked on the parking lot of the mall as she strode toward her car. At 38 years old, Ashley enjoyed the finer things in life, like her new Mercedes, her expensive jewelry and her tailored clothes.

Her blonde hair tufted a bit as she walked, her tight ass shifting seductively underneath her tight skirt. Her 32DD natural breasts bounced slightly as she walked. They were encased in a white lacey bra under a sheer white blouse that was unbuttoned one button more than it needed to be.

But, Ashley liked to show off her body, and she knew that while her ass was tight and her legs were sexy, it was her big tits that got most of the looks from men of all ages – from her sons’ teenage friends to old men she would pass in the grocery store. Ashley was a mother, wife and college graduate, but she was all woman, and as a woman she loved the attention men showered on her.

She had never cheated on her husband of 17 years, but in the three years after she turned 35 Ashley felt her libido climbing. She felt the urge to masturbate every day, and usually did. Last week, however, her two teenage sons were home from school and her husband had also taken off work so they could spend time together. It was nice to have some family time, but she didn’t get to masturbate at all and now Ashley was going to take care of that.

She had dropped the boys off at school, taken the dog to the groomers and picked up a few things from the mall. Now, as she got into her new luxury car and started the engine, she was looking forward to going home and getting her toy out and bringing herself to at least one climax. She found herself thinking about guys she knew when she masturbated. It could be that stud athlete that her boys were friends with, a neighbor, a guy at the gym or sometimes a random face she sees at the store. She liked the imagery of someone she knew banging her hard and deep, bringing out the true woman in her.

Ashley and Bobby, her husband, were good together in bed. He made her cum usually … well sometimes … with his 6-inch hard dick. But, like most couples, sex had become routine and less frequent. This was happening at the same time Ashley was becoming more and more sexual.

Ashley sighed then put the car in reverse. Right after she heard the beep from her reverse monitor, she felt a slight bump. She slammed on the brakes, put the shifter into park and click-click-clicked her way to the back of the Mercedes. There, she saw an older black man lying on his side, holding his knee. His two bags were laying beside him.

“Oh my gosh!” Ashley screamed as she ran to kneel beside him.

Leon Searcy wasn’t paying much attention when the car started backing up and it was on him before he could get out of the way. The bumper hit his knee, causing him to fall. He wasn’t hurt badly, just a little stunned as he looked up to see the most beautiful woman kneeling beside him. At 62 years old, Leon didn’t get to mingle with 30-something rich white women on a personal level. Now, this wildly sexy woman was crouching next to him, asking him if he was ok.

Leon looked at her face but his eyes were drawn to her cleavage, which was on display as she knelt over him. He was enraptured by her full breasts and her lacy bra.

“I’m good, ma’am,” he said. “Just got knocked off my feet, banged my knee a little but I’ll be all right. Can you help me up?”

“Certainly,” Ashley said, relieved that he was injured severely. She grabbed his arm as she pushed himself up. At 6-3, Leon was a half-foot taller than Ashley, even in her heels. His arm went around her shoulder and his long fingers draped down against the top of her tit. Her arm went around his waist as she helped him to stand against the car.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. …” she trailed off.

“Leon, ma’am, Leon Searcy. Don’t worry, accidents happen.”

“Can I help you to your car or anything?” Ashley asked, her arm still around his waist.

Leon wasn’t going to let an opportunity to have some attention from this angel go to waste, and honestly, his right knee was feeling a little gimpy after the collision.

“I’m not sure I can drive. Do you mind giving me a lift home? I just live a few minutes away,” he asked.

Ashley immediately opened the passenger door to her Mercedes and helped him in. She did notice his hand linger on her ass when sat down, but didn’t think too much about it. She grabbed his bag, put it in the back seat and drove to his house, with his directions.

Leon found out her name was Ashley, a stay-at-home mom whose husband was a bank officer. She found out his wife died three years ago and he lived alone. His eyes kept sweeping her entire body, from her sexy legs to her incredible tits to her beautiful face and sexy hair. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.


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    I hope you will continue this story!

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    Please continue this very hot story !!!!!!

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