First Time Shared 4/5 (3)

My wife (Dolce) and I had started by posting pictures, reading comments and talking about swinging. I’m Dan by the way, the lucky of husband of Dolce.

We were both very active before we started dating and Dolce had done MFM with an old boyfriend on a few occasions. She enjoyed sex and many men enjoyed her p**sy before we met.

Living in NYC at the time, we went to a few swing clubs. Sometimes it was fun and other times, we left rather quickly. We had also attended a few private parties. We knew that she enjoyed being watched, she had touched another man’s dick (stranger) at a few of the parties, and had fooled around with a couple of women.

We both thought that any sharing would lean towards girl on girl play and light swap with guys. Dolce had been adamant that she was not fucking other guys.

I had a friend (Pat) who was aware that we attended some of these parties and clubs, but we had never discussed sharing her.

One night, Christmas time, in 2014, Pat was over and having a few drinks after work. We had quite a few drinks and eventually, Dolce made a comment about wanting to buy something for Christmas. Dan (Husband) told Dolce he would get it for her if she showed her ass to Pat.

Dolce wasn’t wearing anything provocative. This was not planned. She was in jeans and a sweater.
After some banter back and forth, Dolce pulled down her jeans and showed us her ass. She put on a little show, sticking her ass out and jokingly apologized for not getting a wax the last few weeks. After a few minutes of her naked from the waist down and showing off, I pulled her over to me and started rubbing her ass and kissing her. My friend Pat, just sat there watching.

We kept making out and suddenly, Dolce was on her knees sucking my dick in front of Pat. He watched and didn’t even attempt to undress.
After an amazing blowjob, Dolce stood up near the couch and bent over. I slid into her hot tight pussy and couldn’t believe how hot her pussy was. She was dripping and telling me to fuck her harder. A few minutes later, I pulled out and came all over her ass and back.

She walked nonchalantly to the bathroom without saying a word. Pat just looked at me and said wow. I put underwear on, as he was still standing there fully dressed. I poured a scotch and Pat and I sat on the couch for a drink.

About five minutes later, Dolce came back into the living room wearing a very sexy red silk robe. She sat between us and had a beer. Pat, thanked her for the show and told her how hot it was. We chatted about how amazing her ass was, and then she asked us if that was it or were we going to have more fun?

Dolce looked at me and asked if I was okay with this, and I said yes. We started kissing her all over, and as she was naked under the robe, Pat took advantage and started licking her pussy while she sucked me. Turns out that Pat was very talented orally. Dolce came quite a few times while he licked and sucked her pussy.

After about of eating Dolce, Pat said, I want to fuck you so bad…Dolce, looked at him and said, “what are you waiting for then”.

Pat, then proceeded to begin unbuttoning his pants. My cock was so hard as it slid in and out of Dolce’s mouth and I couldn’t believe she was about to get fucked by another man.

Now, Pat is about 6’3”. I think we were both wondering how big his cock would be. Here he is pulling down his pants so he can fuck my wife. As his pants fell, his cock came into view. I’d love to tell you that he was hung, or even average, but he was about 4” full hard and average thickness.

Didn’t matter, Dolce’s legs were spread and she was about to have another man’s cock in her married pussy.

He slid right into her pussy and began to fuck her hard. Here she is sucking my dick, while one of my best friends is fucking her. She was cumming and yelling to fuck her harder.

According to her, the size of his dick didn’t matter at this point, she was so turned on by just being so slutty in front of me.

After a few minutes of watching Pat fuck her while getting my dick sucked, I told Dolce I was going to cum and proceeded to shoot a huge load over her face. Just as I was about to cum, I saw Pat pulling out of Dolce and shooting a load onto her stomach and pussy.

Dolce seemed to love the fact that we were both cumming at the same time!

After catching our breath we all just sat there on the couch naked. She had cum on her face, tits, stomach and pussy and was sipping her beer. I went to get her a towel and then to the bathroom.

After a quick break, she began to do down on both of us. Pat, took the opportunity to lick her pussy again and bring her to multiple orgasms. Then we took turns fucking her while the other got sucked.

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