Jennifer Discovers Her Exhibitionist Side 4.6/5 (18)

Jennifer was 37, and happily married to John who was 42.  They were both attractive, worked out regularly and kept in great shape.  Jen and John had been married for ten years now.  They had a profound connection and emotional bond together.  They loved each other very much.  The success of their marriage hinged on the deep-rooted trust they had for one another.

John and Jen had a great sex life.  They were good together in bed.  They also were also open-minded about opportunities that could enhance their sexual experiences together.  They were open to having sex with other partners, but that’s not to say that they had an open marriage.  Jen and John’s sexual exploration was done together, as a couple.

John worked hard, and was often required to travel for work.  Sometimes just a night or two away, but other trips often required being away for a week or more at a time.  Many of the longer trips involved travel to foreign countries.  Jen would often accompany John on the longer trips.  She liked to travel and see new places, but often the trips could be boring as she was by herself most of the time.  Jen figured that even though she’d be bored during the day, at least she could be with John most evenings.

One summer, Jen and John were on a business trip to Brazil.  Jen originally thought it was going to be exciting to get to see Brazil, but after a couple days of sightseeing alone and not knowing where to go, she had found her experience thus far disappointing and was getting bored.  Jen was asleep one morning while John was up getting ready for work.  Jen had seemed tired the prior evening, so John didn’t want to wake her and quietly slipped out the door once he was dressed.

Jen awoke when she heard the metallic click of the hotel room door closing behind John as he left.  The noise woke her up in the middle of a very vivid, erotic dream.  In a hazy morning fog, she didn’t know where she was at first.  After a few seconds, she got her bearings and realized where she was.  Jen looked over and saw the other side of the bed was empty.

“John?” she called out.  With no response she realized he had left already.  She recalled John saying the night before he had to be to the client’s office early that morning.  He was there working on a very large transaction that his team had being working for months.  Jen let out a sigh and thought to herself this would be another long boring day.  She would soon learn that this was far from the truth.

After the morning fog had cleared from her head, Jen started to recall parts of her dream, but could not recount it all.  All she could remember was that it was very hot and very dirty.  She soon realized that it was a kind of wet dream, as she noticed she was wet between her legs.  Jen again looked over at the empty bed next to her and sighed again as she laid back down staring up at the ceiling.  She wished John was there, as she really liked fucking him in the morning after having erotic dreams.

Feeling horny and unsatisfied, Jen reached down and started rubbing her wet pussy.  Already aroused from her dream, she enjoyed her own touch instantly.  Jen continued masturbating her clit for a while.  She was getting quite worked up and was breathing heavily.  Her back started to arch as she tilted her head back toward the headboard.  Jen was about to cum, but caught herself and suddenly stopped right before orgasming.  Despite wanting a release, she knew that stopping herself short of orgasm now would lead to a much stronger orgasm with John when she finally did cum later.

Jen crawled out of bed and looked out the window.  The sun was out with a clear blue sky.  She looked down and saw that no one was at pool.  Jen was a little surprised no one was at the pool on such a nice day, but figured it made sense since they were staying at more of a business hotel than a resort.  Having not really enjoyed sightseeing and not knowing where to go, she decided she would go get some sun and read a book by the pool.

After cleaning herself up for the morning, Jen rummaged through her suitcase to find a swimsuit.  She didn’t much care for big tan lines, and since no one was at the pool, she decided to go with a tiny G-string bikini.  It was more revealing than what she normally wore in public, but figured she had her cover up in the event anyone else showed up at the pool.  Jen grabbed her sunglasses, suntan oil and book and headed down to the pool.

The pool was a pretty standard rectangular hotel pool lined with lounge chairs along both of the longer sides.  Jen took a towel from the stand by the door, walked around, and selected a chair toward the end of the pool farthest from the door that looked to be getting the best sun.  She set her things down and spread out her towel.  She covered herself in in suntan oil and then laid down on her back, cracking open her book to read.

After laying a while in the sun, Jen decided it was time to flip over.  She got up, lowered the back of the lounge chair to be flat and laid back down on her stomach holding herself up on her elbows.  Jen looked around and surveyed the pool to see there still wasn’t anyone else there.  So, she pushed the straps of her G-string a bit lower on her hips to avoid too much of a tan line.  Then, she laid down and reached behind her to untie the top of her bikini to avoid more lines.  She left the top of her bikini on underneath her, trapping it between herself and the chair.

Jen continued reading her book, but soon fell asleep.  She started to have more of the same vivid, erotic dream.  The dream caused her body to shift around a bit on the chair, but not enough to dislodge her top.  As Jen was sleeping, a young man walked out of the hotel into the pool area.  He was 23 years-old and had a rock hard, chiseled body of a professional swimmer.

The man walked by Jen’s chair and noted her beautiful butt covered in oil.  He admired her perfect cheeks laying there for all to see, outlined by the tiny straps of her G-string around the middle of her hips, wrapping around her backside and disappearing between the crack of her ass.  He smiled and continued walking and placed his things on a chair a few over from Jen’s.



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    jen is sweet

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    Wow, very good read.

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