Massage School Wife 4.3/5 (4)

I married for the second time when I was in my late 40s. Abby, the lucky lady, was a couple of years younger. Abby is 5’6″ weighing in at 130 lbs. She has a figure that was admired by women half her age, and by men and boys younger than that. While dating Abby, it seemed to me that her sex drive was insatiable. How much luck can a guy have? One of the hottest women that I’ve ever known, and she likes to fuck like a rabbit.

Shortly after we were married, we moved to Charleston, SC. Abby found a position with a Dr’s office as their office manager. In the same building, there was a massage school. Abby confessed to me that she was always interested in becoming a massage therapist. Since I had a well paying job, I encouraged her to pursue her desire. This was a case, in hindsight, of being careful of what we wish for.

Abby enrolled and was accepted into the massage school, and was able to attend classes while still holding her position in the Dr’s office. Her office closed at 5, and classes started at 6. Since I worked long hours, it was not like I would be sitting home alone, twiddling my thumbs. We both left the house about 8 in the morning and returned about 9.

Abby’s first few weeks involved learning basic skills of massage therapy, along with the major muscles in the body. She learned how to find those knots that caused so many complaints, and the differences between deep tissue & Swedish massage. Her classes were Mon thru Thurs. Since I never worked late on Friday, this left Friday nights and weekends free for us.

A few weeks into her training, Abby finally started giving massages. Her first “clients” were fellow students. They would trade massages under the tutelage of their instructors. In addition, they were giving massages to the instructors so that they could get feedback on their techniques. She was also encouraged to give massages to people outside of the classroom. As a result, I was able to receive several massages (no charge and no tip!), by Abby and a couple of her classmates.

Her class was about half male and half female. Abby was the oldest person in the class by at least 10 years. She told me that when they gave massages in class, it was mostly female on female, and male on male. After 6 weeks, the students were expected to give massages on Fri nights and Sat mornings at the school for the general public ($25). It was first come, first served for the clients. She would typically give 1 or 2 massages (hour long) during each session. At that point in their curriculum, they were no longer in the classroom on Thurs nights.

It was on one of these Thursdays, that I had told Abby that I would be working out of town and probably not be home until about 11. What I had not realized, is that I would be leaving my work assignment at 7 instead of the normal 9. I didn’t call Abby to tell her, and that decision proved to be eventful.

I arrived at home and saw another car in our driveway. I didn’t recognize the vehicle as one of our friends, and being the considerate gent that I am, I parked on the side street and walked up to our house. We always entered our house via the door to the kitchen. The entire back of our house was a deck with windows across the back looking into the yard.

We never drew the blinds on those windows because our backyard is very private (tall fence, big yard, etc). As I approached the door, I noticed that Abby was giving someone a massage. I’m not sure what caused me to stop at the window to watch, but I did. She had her portable table set up in our living room with the lights on low, candles lit and soft music coming from the stereo. On the table was a young man, at least he looked young.

As I watched, he turned his head so that I could see his face and I recognized Steve, one of her classmates. Steve was in his 20s, slender, but fit. The kind of body that I would describe as athletic, not muscle bound. He was laying face down, and Abby was just finishing his legs. It appeared that he said something to her, and then layed his face back into the hole on the table extension meant for that. She proceeded to move up to the far side of his body, working on his left arm and then his back and shoulders.

I assume that all or most masseuses have a similar routine, or they use the same routine for all of their clients. I knew that she was about to have Steve roll over, so that she could finish her routine. During the turn, the therapist typically lifts the edge of the sheet opposite her (or him) and allows the client to make their turn before draping them again. When Abby did this, I was able to see that Steve was not wearing any underwear, in other words, he was naked under the sheet. Abby had told me that whether a client keeps their underwear on or not is entirely up to them. Obviously, Steve had opted for the “no underwear” look.

After Abby layed the sheet back down onto Steve, I noticed that there was a tent at his midsection. She had also discussed this with me. She was warned, and had experienced a couple of times, that a male client will get an erection during a massage. Sometimes it was quite innocent, in that they were so relaxed that they were almost oblivious to the reaction. And sometimes, it was because they were turned on, and this needed to be corrected. One of the corrections was to spray the guy with cold water, after warning him of course (he was a client afterall). If this did not work, Abby was advised that she should end the massage immediately.

I saw Abby and Steve discussing something. I only assumed that something was the tent in the sheet. Then I saw Abby pick up a spray bottle, and give a spray to Steve’s chest. I saw them both laugh. The only thing I can say about that tent is that I saw it twitch. I then saw Abby speaking to him with her “stern” face. I am sure that she was reading him the riot act. Abby always stressed with me how she needed to be professional with my massage. As much as I wanted her to do something more, she said it was important that our sex life be separate from her “studies”.

The next move that I saw was Abby giving the tent a couple of sprays. Steve immediately covered his tent with his hands. Again, I heard them both laugh. After a little more discussion, I saw Steve reach up towards Abby. She proceeded to hand him the spray bottle. He raised the sheet, and sprayed his erection. Well, all this seemed to do was wet the area even more. Now he had a wet tent, and the outline of his cock was even more pronounced.

Then … Steve turned the bottle towards Abby and sprayed her chest a few times. Abby was wearing her massage uniform, a white t-shirt and shorts, and this made it apparent (even to me on the back porch), that she was not wearing a bra. The t-shirt hugged those beautiful breasts, and showed just how pronounced her nipples were. Man, did I love those breasts.

Now a wrestling match for the spray bottle ensued. Steve got a few more sprays in on her torso, soaking that t-shirt just a little more. Somehow, during the tussle, the sheet slipped from Steve’s body and tent was now just a pole, and a mighty impressive pole it was. Without a reference, its was hard to estimate its length, but Steve was only about 5’8″. His dick seemed to be “large” for his size.

As I stated before, Abby always had a good sex drive. She said a couple of things to Steve, and I saw him hand over the water bottle. She then resumed his massage, but she did NOT replace the sheet. She worked on his shoulders, and then she did something that I do not remember her ever doing with me. She worked on his pecs (breasts), even going so far as to pinch his nipples.

Eventually, she works her way down to his right leg. She is facing away from me and as a result hiding her actions, but I know that she is using both hands, and massaging the large muscles in his thigh. She moves a little further down, towards his knee, and facing his upper torso, works her hands up his thigh. Unlike the massages that she gives to me though, I see her hands go a little higher, into his groin area, and I see that dick take another jump.

There is not much that she can do for the front of his shins, so she works her way around the table to work on his other thigh, going through the same routine. This time, however, she is facing my way and I can see her hands working, and exactly how high on the thigh those hands are going. And from this side, I could see each time that cock took a little jump.

Abby repeated the move of facing his torso and massaging up the front and sides of his thigh, again going a little higher than normal. Then, she leaned over and took that magnificent phallus into her mouth. I saw her working her magic (I knew how good her blow jobs could be) and playing with his balls. I saw Steve doing a crunch, and reach forward, so that he could caress my wife’s beautiful breasts through that wet t-shirt.

Abby moved a little closer, so that it was easier for him to touch those orbs. Then she stood up, and removed that t-shirt, and Steve got to see what drives me so crazy … the MOST perfect set of tits on any 47 year old woman. Still standing proud after all of those years and the nipples as erect as I’ve ever seen them. After shifting her position a little so that her body was closer to his upper torso, Steve was able to lay back down on the table while he started to give her his own type of massage.

While Abby resumed licking his cock and balls, Steve massaged those breasts with his left hand, while his right hand roamed over the rest of her naked upper body. Then he reached around and caressed her ass, that glorious ass. I saw her make a little move and he was able to start rubbing between her legs. By now, I knew she was soaking wet. Her crotch was as wet as the t-shirt that may have started this whole thing (or was it the tent?).

I saw Steve make the move to try and unbutton the shorts, but it was too awkward. Leave it to my Abby to make it easier for him. While keeping her lips wrapped around that tent pole, she reached down and unbuttoned those shorts for him, unzipping and slipping them off. There was my beautiful wife, naked as the day she was born (no underwear for her either … must be an option for the therapist as well), giving a world class blow job to a young guy in MY house. I wanted to bust a nut right on my back porch.

What I saw next, I swear was a “tap out”, like in the wrestling matches on TV. I saw Steve tap her on the shoulder, and Abby and he changed places. He was now the massage therapist and she was the client … again, no sheets, no underwear. But instead of starting at her shoulders, Steve went down towards her feet, and proceeded to scoot her down the table until her ass was at the edge. He leaned over and with her legs on his shoulders, he proceeded to taste that lovely twat. I knew what he was experiencing, some of the sweetest nectar ever produced. I was slightly jealous and extremely horney.

Steve worked on those labia for several minutes, before standing up. With her legs still braced on his chest, I saw his lips moving, speaking? asking? really not sure what he was saying, but the next thing that I knew, he was moving his pelvis forward until the crown of his cock was stabbing at my wife’s love tunnel, not really entering, but kind of teasing. Abby still has great abs, and I now saw her do a crunch of her own, as she reached down and tried to pull him into her. I really don’t think he needed much help, and knowing just how wet Abby can get, I was not surprised to see him enter her and sink all the way in in one attempt.

Steve proceeded to fuck my wife with wild abandon and Abby was obviously loving every minute of it, and so was I. I could no longer resist the impulse, and I had extracted my hard on and was stroking away with Steve. The difference was he was stroking inside my wife, and I was stroking inside my hand. For the next 15 minutes, I watched while Steve and Abby moved from massage table, to floor, to couch. Missionary, cowgirl, doggie style, all the while both of them were moaning loudly enough for me to hear it on the porch. I came about 10 minutes into the escapade, but that did not mean that I stopped stroking. I love my wife, and I love seeing her enjoy herself.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. While in the cowgirl position, on our rug, I saw Abby lean forward, then back and I knew that she was having one of those killer orgasms that she enjoys so much. When this happens during our lovemaking, it causes me to cum also. Apparently it had the same effect on Steve, because I saw his pelvis give a good shove up into Abby, throwing her forward a little, much like a bucking bronco (ride him cowgirl!) … then another.

By now, it was 10:30. Abby was expecting me home by 11. I saw her glance at our clock on the mantel and whisper something to Steve. He tickled her, then they separated, looking for their clothes. That was my cue, to vamoose, sneak around back to my car and try to arrive back shortly after 11. When I did so, our driveway was empty, and I pulled up to the garage. I entered the back door as normal, and called out to Abby to let her know that I was home. The massage table was no longer set up, and all looked normal in our living room.

Abby came from our bedroom, wrapped in a towel, obviously having taken a quick shower. My, my, my … she is gorgeous. I came up to her and gave her a long kiss, told her how much I missed her and how I could think of nothing else but making love to her during my long drive home. She smiled coyly, and led me to our bedroom. After removing her towel, and my clothes, the first thing that I did was lay my wife back, brought her legs up over my shoulders and brought her to a mind blowing orgasm (I swear, I blew her mind!) with my tongue. While she had showered, I do not believe that she had douched, because I know her taste and it was different, not bad, just different.

I might have to work late again next Thursday.

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