My Business Trip 4.8/5 (22)

My story took place while I was at a business trip, giving seminars for my company last summer. I had been on the road for nearly three weeks and the closest thing to sex I had was a date with my fingers during a hot telephone call with my husband back home.

I had never been away from Bill this long before, and I looked forward to our nightly phone calls to cheer me up. We had been married for close to eight years and in that time one learns to tell via subtle nuances in your partner’s voice, just how well things are going. In this case Bill could see right through me and realized that I was not doing as fine as I pretended to be.

I still had another four weeks to go and began dreading the thought of being without him for so long, that I would often break down and cry before hanging up the phone. He said that he couldn’t sleep sometimes worrying about how miserable I was and promised to come up with some way to brighten my trip somehow. Little did I know to what extent he would go in order to insure my happiness.

On one such telephone call, many of which lasted for hours on end, Bill suggested something that nearly made me fall out of bed! He told me that if it would help me pass the time we were apart, that he would agree to my being with other men as long as I told him everything that happened.

I couldn’t believe my ears … and told him I had no interest in being with anyone else but him, and that I could wait if need be. But he continued telling me that he would feel better knowing that I wasn’t sitting in a hotel room crying night after night. He went on to assure me that our love was strong enough to allow for such a thing, and insisted that I at least consider it. I know some women would call that a dream come true but I was genuinely disinterested.

I love my husband and he is the only man I will ever love, so the idea seemed ludicrous. Nonetheless he urged me to give it a try for his piece of mind, so I gave him the standard female uncommitted response and said “maybe”. I’m only 33 years old and by most standards, my appearance would be considered above average, and I’ve always had my share of men hitting on me.

So it wasn’t the fear of rejection that kept me from agreeing … it was more the fear of breaking some hidden bond between Bill and I. I felt that our relationship was somehow dependent on being able to say I had never been with any other man since we had met.

At any rate I decided to sleep on it and leave any serious pondering until the next day. After I hung up the phone I poured myself a warm bath and settled in for another two-finger tango to satisfy my more urgent needs. I pushed in for some soft music from the hotel switchboard, lit a few complimentary candles that were on a table in the room and slid beneath the bubbles to forget everything for a while. I closed my eyes and thought of Bill and how wonderful he made me feel when he was inside of me, and soon my fingers had found their way to that spot between my thighs.

Somehow I couldn’t forget Bill’s suggestion, and maybe it was the candlelight or the effect of my efforts on myself, but gradually his proposal didn’t seem all that strange after all.

I mean most women in my shoes may have had a brief affair after 8 years of marriage, but not me… So maybe I deserved a little treat? After all it had been Bill’s suggestion. I increased the speed of my fingers over the nub of my clitoris as I tried to imagine what it would be like to have another man inside of me.

I tried to imagine what it would be like with a stranger, and I must say the thought began to excite me in a way I could never have imagined; I actually had two breath taking orgasms as I lay soaking in the bath. The next day my schedule was booked solid and I returned to my room exhausted, and only able to find the energy for our phone call.

I explained to Bill that I had thought about his suggestion and if he still wanted me to, I would be willing to try. He again shocked me by telling me that not only did he want me to, but that he would actually find it arousing to hear about my adventure. I was tingling inside in an odd way … thinking that my being with another man would somehow affect Bill like that. I asked him to explain what exactly would turn him on.

While he spoke he told me to lie flat on my back, close my eyes and touch myself. I eagerly obeyed, and listened to him as he conjured up potential scenes he would enjoy hearing about. This was so new and yet so fascinating that I told him to keep talking, and he could tell by my heavy breathing that I was enjoying it.

The following day I finished early in the afternoon and had that night and the whole next morning before another onslaught of scheduled events. So by the end of the day my thoughts were already churning with the excitement of the nights possibilities. I hurried out of the convention center and into a waiting cab that sped me off to my hotel.

Once at the hotel I quickly paid the driver and he flashed me a curious smile that added to my excitement, and I turned and hurried toward the elevator.

Any woman who doesn’t know the feeling of having their husband allow them this freedom is missing the treat of a lifetime. Never had I imagined being this aroused in public! It seemed as though every man now took on a sensuous ardor as I viewed them through newly liberated eyes, knowing that I could, without guilt, allow them to enter my most private of areas at anytime I so desired.

I spent the next few hours getting ready. I bathed quickly avoiding the temptation to slide my hand between my thighs and satisfy myself. After attending to my hair, which thank God seemed to manage itself, I dressed slowly, paying close attention to perfuming those parts that I was sure would be receiving special attention tonight.



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  • Darryl

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    This is a GREAT story to slowly jack off to.

  • Jerry

    Reply Reply December 12, 2017

    I truly loved your story. I have always wanted my wife to fuck another man. I have watched her with others years ago, but we are getting to old now, so all I have is good memories.

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