My Ultimate Fantasy 3.9/5 (20)

This had been my fantasy of mine for the past year or so involving my wife Karen and another man. My wife and I are over the age of fifty and with us getting older our sex life had become very ordinary. We needed something extra in the bedroom and that was when I began to expand my ideas outside of our marriage.

I had looked into a number of ideas, but I found myself leaning more towards the bi-curios side. I also had an affliction with being a cuckold, and I got to admit it left me more aroused than I had ever been before. The idea of obeying orders from a dominate man had my cock extremely hard. I didn’t know if it was something I just felt, or if there were other men out there with the same affliction. I felt ashamed, but as I did some research I found I wasn’t the only man out there who had experience desires like this.

I then met Chris earlier this year. Chris was in his mid-thirties and loved the idea of forcing me to be his cuck. We had talked about a number of different scenarios, and I shared with him some of my most inner desires. He really wanted to get involve, and after talking with him for more than a month I agreed to meet him one night after work for a drink.

Chris definitely had a dominate side to him, and he loved the curve of Karen’s body. He wanted to satisfy not just myself but also my lovely wife. He loved her body type, and he wanted to conquer an older woman for years. She was nearly twenty years older than him, but that only added fuel to his burning desires to take her.

We had talked for almost an hour that night when Chris’s demeanor began to suddenly change. He brought out the dominate side in him, and I was his target. He told me I would need to do whatever he wanted, and that he was taking me back to his place to start my training. I had no idea what he had planned, but I was about to find out. Once at his place I was ordered to undress in front of him. I was forced to remove all of my clothing including my boxers. I am still very fit for being in my fifties, but my cock is nothing to brag about.

I now stood there before him with nothing on, and he looked down at my barely average size cock. He began to tell me how small my cock was and how his cock was significantly bigger. I stood there in a vulnerable position, and that was when I heard him say, “Get down onto your knees cuck!”

I slowly knelt down only a few feet away from him, and I watched as he dropped his pants to the floor. He told me if I wanted to be a good cuck that I would need to do things to him that I thought I would never do. He then pulled out his large cock and moved it right in front of my face. It hung several inches down in between his legs, and I reached out and wrapped my hand firmly around the circumference of it. I felt it swell up as I held tightly onto it, and my cock now stood straight outward.

I gave his cock several firm strokes as it protruded outward. He then ordered me to insert his cock into my virgin mouth minutes later. I brought my lips right up to his cock, and before I knew it he had forced nearly half of it deep into my waiting mouth. I sucked on his cock for several minutes while my hands caressed his tight firm ass. It had been a brief time later when I suddenly heard him say to me, “I can’t wait to fuck your wife! You want to watch me fuck her?”

I continued to suck his big cock for several more minutes when I heard him say, “You like sucking my big cock? I am going to cum all over your face in just a few minutes!”

I sat there on my knees extremely aroused, and a brief time later he pulled his cock from my mouth. He told me not to move, and I stared only a foot from the barrel of his big cock. He gave his cock several firm strokes over the next minute or two when I suddenly felt a wave of cum hit my left cheek. A few seconds later another wave struck my forehead, and before I knew several more waves splashed up against my lips.

I now felt extremely embarrassed and humiliated, and his cum dripped slowly from my face. My cock was throbbing, and he immediately ordered me to stoke on it. I gave my cock several hard strokes when I began to moan out. I shot my load all over myself right there in front of him, and from that point on I knew he had control of me.

He then ordered me to show up with my lovely wife Karen that following weekend. Karen is still very sexy woman for her age, and at five feet five, and just over a hundred and forty pounds she still attracts enough men who want her. We had talked about sharing her a few times in the past, and she seemed open to the idea. We spent the next day talking it over, and that was when she agreed to meet him.

I had a hard time controlling myself over the next few days, and that night would be Karen’s first time with another man other than myself. I could see a sparkle in her eye, and in a way, she seemed a bit excited about being fucked by another man. She was quite impressed by Chris’s physique, and she dressed extremely sexy that night meeting him.

When we arrived at his place I was immediately forced to undress in front of him and my wife. He then sat me down on a chair next to the bed, and I felt a set of cuffs being secured around each of my wrists. I couldn’t move, and he positioned my wife Karen directly in front of me. He stood in behind her and began to raised up her shirt and bra. His hands engulfed each of her large breasts, and I sat there watching his every move from only a foot or so away.

My cock was throbbing, and he slid his hand down into the front of my wife’s jeans a few minutes later. Karen immediately reacted, and she felt a powerful wave of energy come over her. Her eyes began to shut and her body began to squirm. I heard her moans radiate throughout the bedroom, and she stood there more aroused than she had been in years.

She felt her jeans being pushed to the floor a few minutes later, and she now stood there with nothing on but for her panties. Chris looked over at me and began to tell me how hard he was going to fuck my wife. He said she would never want my small cock again, and I sat there as humble as I could.

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