My Wife and Josh 2.3/5 (3)

This is a story about my wife that goes back a few years. After we had been playing for quite a few years she decided she wanted to ease off of it for a while. So we talked to the friend that we had played with from the beginning and she told him what our plans were. It ended up not being such a shock to him because he was getting serious with his girlfriend and decided he needed to cool it anyway (they got married less than a year later). First few months went okay and she started missing it and asked me did I just want to check with Rick and see if he wanted to come over. He declined for the same reason he had above.

Well in the meantime she started watching kids in our home since she had been laid off her regular job. She had decided she would keep up to two kids and did that for a while. Once the first two went to preschool she was looking for two more and ended up being put in touch with a army guy that needed some to keep two young kids. No mom in the picture as she had run off and left them with Josh the army guy. He would bring the kids every morning at six thirty and pick them up at three thirty so it worked out real well.

About three months in she was complaining one night that it was getting to be a pain in the butt to have to get up so early and get dressed before Josh got there every morning. I told her to just put on a gown or robe and there was no reason to get dressed that early every morning. She slept naked so she had to put something on. So she started doing that. He would come in and she would put the kids in the second bedroom to get them back to sleep.

About the second week that she started doing this she came got back in bed one morning and was just all over me which I did not mind but not something she done that early very often. That night I asked her what got in to her and she told me that when Josh came in she bent over to get one of the kids out of his carrier and she could just feel Josh looking down her gown at her tits. I told her there was no harm in that and she responded no there wasn’t but that’s why I was so horny this morning. I said wow just from him seeing your tits and she said yes.

We started playing around and I told her she knew she had sexier gowns that the one she had been wearing. She told me some of them would make it too obvious that she was trying to show off. I then told her like I said no harm and she liked it so why should it matter. She got all worked up and after we finished she asked me which gown did she think I should wear. Told her she would probably think I was crazy but her Mickey Mouse night shirt. She did laugh and said that is not sexy.

I told her that night shirt probably was no more than two inches from the bottom of her butt and all she needed to do was wear it and bent over to get the kid out of the carrier but bend over with Josh behind her. You could see her thinking about it and she said I am going to put it on and bend over and you tell me what you can see. So she put it on and bent like she would and the night shirt rode up and showed about half of her butt. She then came back but he is usually a lot closer than you are right now.

I told her we would move things around and Josh would have to set the carrier in the middle of the room and she was okay lets see how it goes. So the next morning sure enough she came in and was all over me and told me that worked great. We went out and bought a couple more night shirts and she continued to do this and told me she thought Josh looked forward to this every morning.

So one night she asked me what I thought about her telling Josh to bring the kids a little earlier and she would make him coffee or breakfast before he went to work. At first he told her no that was not necessary but she was insistent and he asked her what time. They decided on six which would be thirty minutes earlier.

The next night she told me that Josh was nearly later for work that morning. I smiled and asked did something happen and she smiled and said I dropped a egg on purpose and I squatted down to clean it up but I was facing him. She said he saw a lot and he also left with a hard on.

I then told her the next morning to wear the kimono that she had. She insisted that was longer than the night shirt and I agreed with her but told her she could wear it loosely tied. She liked that idea. Of course she wanted to put it on so we could work on how loose to tie it.I told her if she wanted to be obvious start with it loose but if she wanted to tease loosen it as she cooked and served him.

After we got back in bed she asked me was it wrong of her to wish that he would try something. I told her not wrong at all as she has not had any “strange” in a long time. So the next night in our now nightly talk and playing she said when she served him breakfast it was nearly completely open. I said oh yea so what could he see and she told me he could see everything except my butt.

My question was there not anything said and nothing tried. She told me he said she had a very nice body and thanks for allowing him to see it as it made his day start a whole lot better. A few mornings the kids did not go right back to sleep so things did not happen.

I told her to tell Josh that I would be going out of town the next day and would be staying overnight. She said well he will see your truck. So I told her we would take it to my office. She then said not a good idea because if anything happens we will not be able to come in here. Seemed like she did not want to ask but she finally said how about if you got up early and went in or went and had breakfast somewhere.

I said so then you really want to play with him and she responded I really really do. So when we got in bed she said okay I told him you would not be here and asked could he come any earlier. He knew what was up because he told her he was up by five so he could be here by five thirty. So I got up super early and kissed her bye and went and sat and had breakfast.

Got the story that night. She said Josh showed up about ten minutes after five and he helped her get the kids in the bed and they went to the living room making sure they went back to sleep. She said she had the kimono on but had it tied right.

About five minutes later she told him she was going to check on the kids and they were fast asleep. She walked back to living room to let him know they were asleep. She said she could tell Josh was nervous and she wanted to lighten the mood so she untied the gown and said you are not used to seeing this closed are you and the robe opened up. She just took him by the hand and walked him down the hallway to the bedroom.

She took the robe off and then started helping Josh get undressed. He was very hard so she says thy stood at side of bed and he hugged her and was rubbing her back. He was very nervous but he asked her could he kiss her. She told him she hoped that he would and they started making out standing beside the bed.

When she finally got him to get in the bed she moved in beside him and started going down on him. He told her she was great at that and was enjoying it. Said Josh did not try anything else but did ask her if she was taking birth control or did he need to wear a condom as he had brought one. She told him she did not really like them and she was on birth control. Josh moved up between her legs and she said he took his time and he did a great job.

They got finished up and she put the robe on still open and wen to the kitchen and made him some breakfast.

As they talked Josh mentioned that he wished her husband went out of town more often. She thought about it a few minutes and told him that he knew something was going to happen as she had told me.

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  • Kelly Kute

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    Wow I Hop She had a good tome with Josh,her Husband liked it too.

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