Night At The Lake 4.3/5 (33)

This happened on a very typical July weekend for us boating at a lake a few hours from us. We ended up at popular waterfront restaurant that had a outside tiki bar and band. It was early evening, they had a very good band and the place was packed with a very lively crowd. My wife Brenda (47) was looking very good with her tan tits in a low-low cut top with short white shorts.

As the evening progressed a couple guys in their late 20s to early 30s started talking to her and one of them was talking to her and buying her drinks. We had already danced several dances and she was really having fun, so it wasn’t long before he asked her to dance. They danced several and his buddy danced a couple songs with her in the middle of them. She was really enjoying this, and I could tell they were getting her hot as they flirted with her.

She said they asked to see her tits, but she didn’t show them but there was some grinding going on as they danced. She later told me that they had some very sexual conversations with her that got her and them very hot.

I would guess it was around 9 when the guys said they were leaving and asked her if we wanted to go with them. She told them no, but they were really trying hard to get her too. She told them if it was just the two of them she would, but they had several in their group and she didn’t want to deal with that. We talked about moving on to another bar or going somewhere for something to eat. We left the tiki bar area and walked out toward the docks.

After we discussed our options we decided just to order something there and stay there since the band and crowd were good and we were having fun. I told her that I would go inside and get a menu because the place was still packed, and ordering was going to take awhile.

So, as we walked back to the bar, we split up and she went to the tiki bar and I went up stairs to get a menu. I really don’t think I was gone long, maybe 5-10 minutes. When I got back to the tiki bar I didn’t see her anywhere but figured she went to the restroom. I moved closer to the dance floor and seen her standing very close to a 30ish black guy and they were talking. They had just danced to one song. I didn’t think much of it and I started looking over the menu. When I looked back things had changed, LOL.

They had moved off the dance floor and he was sitting on a tall stool that were along the edge of the dance floor but out of the way and she was standing very close right in front of him. She was leaning in between his parted legs and he had his hands on her hips and occasionally her ass. They talked for several minutes and they were both laughing, and he was feeling her ass more and more. Then I was a little shocked, they kissed.

I got very interested and I was rock hard in a split second. As they talked her hands were on his chest and sometimes down on his lap and his were all over her, but still they were very discreet. This went on a few more minutes and they kissed several more times. Finally, at one point while they were talking and laughing, she looked up to scan the crowd looking for me. When she seen me she just smiled, and I smiled back.

She said something to him and he got up and they both came up to the upper level where I was sitting. She introduced me to Andrew and we started talking and had another round. I knew why she liked him as he had a decent build and was a very nice polite guy that knew how to hit on a woman. It was very hot talking to him because they both started telling me what they were talking about. He had complemented her on her looks and her tits as he and I talked.

I could tell she was very horny and he and I would both cop feels of her as we talked. Then she said that while they were talking at the dance floor that Andrew asked her if she wanted to leave for awhile with him and she said she did want to, but they would have to ask her husband. To that he just smiled and said let’s go meet him.

After she had said that I just looked at him and smiled, he said that if we were ever interested in having another guy join us, he would love to be that guy. Then he asked if we had ever done anything like that, I said yes, we have and that she really likes it. He said well I would be very interested if you guys wanted too, I told him that that was always up to her as she calls the shots on our play. We both looked at her and she said, “let’s go to the boat”.

My mind was reeling in disbelief as how fast this seemed to happen. On the way to the boat I joked that I didn’t think I was gone that long. They laughed, and she said that when she went back in to the dance floor he thought she had left with those other guys. He came up to her and asked her to dance and they both said that things got hot fast.

We were docked in the unlighted overflow docks next to a waterfront construction yard that was very dark. It wasn’t real late, but the boating crowd had dwindled somewhat. Soon as we hit the boat, they were on the backseat area making out like crazy. I was preparing to pull out but some people that were docked next to us were coming and I told them we would wait for them to pull out first.

As we waited for them to untie and leave, we chatted and finished our drinks. She was very horny, and despite being still clothed, she was rubbing his cock and he was rubbing her pussy while he and I teased her about being so horny. As soon as the boat next to us left, they were making out again and I told them we were the only ones for several docks and that we had allot of privacy right there. I don’t think they heard me or cared.

They both stood up at the same time and unbuttoned each other’s shorts and neither were wearing anything under them. I said oh ya, she doesn’t wear panties very often, he laughed and said ya he knew that. She then said he had been fingering her when he was sitting on the stool next to the dance floor! I was like damn, this guy is good, I was looking and didn’t even notice, and I knew what was going on.

As soon as his shorts hit the floor she dropped down to suck his cock. Even though it was very dark, I could see this guy was hung like a horse, and her reaction was “oh my god”. I came up behind her and rubbed her ass and slid down to her pussy and she spread her legs like she was in heat.

Her pussy was soaked, and her thighs were also wet. She didn’t suck his cock long because she wanted fucked bad and couldn’t wait to feel his huge cock. She straddled him as he sat on the backseat and slowly took his cock, it took her a few tries, but not as many as I thought it would, LOL. They fucked and kissed in this position and several more for about an hour. She was moaning like I never heard her before.

She motioned me onto the floor, then crawled over me in a 69 position, he started pounding her from behind very hard as she was trying to lower her clit to my tongue. I was amazed at the size of his cock, and amazing to what it was doing for her. She was moaning and growling like an animal as he was fucking her very hard. It was very hard to keep tongue-clit contact, but she was doing a good job not moving from my tongue.



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    I almost came picturing them fucking great story

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