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I am from India, from the city of Kolkata. I am employed in a pvt sector hospitality chain of repute as a Personal Assistant (PA) to the regional head. As on date I am 37, mother to three kids and wife to a man who maintains a record of consistently providing me with some of the most intense toe-curling, voice-choking, gasping, nails-digging-into-his-back, white-hot, spasmodical, ‘mini-death’ orgasms…ok, I may have gone a bit overboard there, but I guess you get the picture.

Before I got married I had my fair share of male attention and being subjected to pleasure by them. My husband is my soul mate but I realized that my internal circuitry is not built to be what’s called a one-man woman. My husband, well, he is a man and appreciates women in his own way, but would never probably offer to be my stag and get me new bulls. When I was discussing this on tumblr, a gentleman there requested me to write a small narrative of how I happened to meet my stag and be possessed by him for his personal use and use by the bulls he would identify and share me with to pleasure.

Keeping his request in mind i have started jotting down my thoughts. I would like to share my experience as I could remember with the experienced audience here.
As I mentioned above although I am a shared-wife, I am not a hot-wife in its truest sense. In other words, it’s not my own husband that shares me with others. I am married for about 7 years now to this really wonderful gentleman who makes love not just to my body, but to my soul. Mine is an arranged marriage, a concept more popular in the orient than in the occident, whereby I met my husband for the first time when he came to meet his prospective bride, my best friend.

Due to a turn of events which really isn’t part of this discussion, he went back determined to marry me, long story short, we got married and it was love at first sight for both of us…yes, it happens.

Not only is his integrity above question, but also he knew how to make love to my soul while simultaneously fucking my body loose. He is extremely generous in giving me some of the best soul-crunching orgasms; orgasms that keep me shuddering so hard that he needs to hold me still and pin me under his wide chest to stabilize me. In short, he is my personal Lord Kaamdev (Hindu god of love and sex). His name started with the letter A, and I told him on my wedding night that I would call him my Adonis.

He looked as handsome as that and had an equally attractive physique to further support his title of Adonis. We both came clean to each other at the very first, even before we were married (we had to wait for almost about ten months to get a wedding venue of our choice; yes, it happens in India), that neither of us were virgins. I admitted that I have indulged in threesome with my ex-s and their friends and he came clean that he has had his share of sex with his ex-s. In other words, out trust level with each other was full and we had nothing to hide from our previous life.

We were both matured enough to understand the human need for physical pleasure, and since neither of us were saints, we were no exceptions to that need.

He is any woman’s dream man and I am the fortunate one who he proclaimed to the world as being husband to. After we got married, my love life was (and still is) at its height and so is my sex life. I did however discover that no matter who comes to my life, I still will crave physical proximity of other attractive men. This is something I could not get myself to admit to my husband, but I knew that it won’t be long before I would need another man to use my body…just my body, not my soul. My soul already belonged to my husband. It was this need that prompted me to agree to threesomes with my ex-s and their close friends. I never had any inhibitions about my physical presence and felt good to flaunt myself to my men within the boundaries of decency…at least till we had not decided to copulate.

The Party And The Morning After

It was probably around the second year of my marriage, and I hadn’t strayed one bit. Actually my husband was more than I could handle and he is very active to pleasure me physically. My husband informed me that the annual dinner in his office was convened. Spouses were allowed. The year before this, we had both been travelling and so we couldn’t attend. We both were eager to be there, to get to meet other people to socialize with and for him, to kind of show me off as well.

Although India is currently very widely influenced by the western dressing and in fact all the western dresses are very popular here as well, personally, I was always since attaining my youth have dressed myself in saree, a traditional Indian dress. For those in the west who are reading this, you may please Google for Saree. I have during my college had worn westerns like jeans and skirts and shirts and trousers, but have always felt that I look my best in a saree and could carry myself in it.

So, for this evening-party I dressed myself in a brown saree with deep-red sleeveless blouse and matching lingerie. It was a party, so a slightly plunged neckline and a more-than-normal low-cut on the back on my blouse were not inappropriate. Since I am of medium complexion, umm, maybe slightly on the duskier side, the darker shades look better on me.

It was organized in one of the large banquet halls, overlooking a sprawling green lawn, in a five star hotel. Some guests had already arrived that he got me introduced to. They were really nice people. I won’t deny that it felt good when some of them complimented me on my dress and I could see I was getting my share of male attention. Having said that, it would be wrong to not point out at this stage, that the male attention that I referred to above was the very decent kind where men appreciated me for how I looked but all within the limits of social decency.

There were drinks that were served and both I and my husband indulged. A jovial mood prevailed over the party.

It was quite late in the evening by that time when my husband said that he would like me to meet one of his long time colleagues who was till now posted abroad and have very recently returned to India. Rumours were that my husband could be considered next to fill up that position abroad. Both were at the same rank within the organization. His colleague was in the lawn and we were in the hall. So my husband showed me around to meet him.

Now, I am positive that all of you have heard the phrase ‘sparks flying’, as did I. But it was the first time when I was escorted to him and I got to look at his eyes and he shook my hand, that I literally felt hit by a thunderbolt. He was nothing extraordinary to look at. Neither handsome, nor bad, couple of inches taller to me (I am 5’8” myself, which is considered tall for Indian women), very well dressed in a black suit, possessed what looked like through the layers of his suit, a really swollen and large belly, dark-skinned, clean shaven. Even his shirt failed to trap tufts of dense black hair on his chest which popped out at the top.

As he shook my hand and made small talk while my husband introduced me, I could feel my heart would burst out from the rib cage. I could hear not a word that he said because of the sound of my own heartbeat that deafened me. I felt people around me could also probably hear it from how they sounded to me. I maintained my polite smile while he continued to hold and shake my hand while introducing himself. It went to a point when I finally managed to stammer, “I am sorry but I really didn’t catch your name in the loud music. Could you please tell me again?”

His name, for the purpose of this public document shall be R, which is the first letter of the name. We kept talking and in a while another colleague of my husband came up to inform that the boss wanted to speak to my husband. I was standing there in the lawn with R. There were quite a lot of other people who were also present around us, but in my mind I felt myself to be completely isolated with just R in that lawn.

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