Pregnancy Risks… 4.6/5 (36)

We’d fantasized about it for months.

‘The risk has to be real…’ every time one of us said those words it would start a discussion; it was crazy, we agreed, but our hearts would start beating as we talked, and we’d become more and more aroused. Great sex would follow.

We made a pact. We would go through with it; not some watered-down version, but the real thing. I told Nita we’d still have the option to tone it down slightly on the day; she nodded and smiled, and asked me to make the arrangements.


I walk her to the door of the club, an expensive, exclusive swingers’ club in a nearby town. She’s wearing a gold halter-neck top, gold strappy sandals with 5″ heels and black holdup stockings underneath a short skirt. She looks immaculate with her hair styled, makeup and nails professionally applied and a black velvet choker at her neck.

I’m so proud of her as we take a bottle of red wine and two glasses to one of the informal seating areas. She lights a cigarette and we take our time sitting down; we want everyone to get a good look at her. She loves to smoke to emphasise her inviting lips, her posture and femininity. I still can’t believe my luck that she’s with me; so beautiful, but so adventurous. If she’s nervous she’s doing well to hide it.

We sit on a sofa and I pour her a glass. ‘Thanks, darling,’ she smiles, taking a gulp.

Another couple take the sofa at 90 degrees to ours. They smile and we respond. The place seems to be populated by attractive, professional couples; I point out to her that there are also several single men dotted around.

We chat to the other couple, enjoy our drinks, walk around, socialise, dance. It’s a nice atmosphere, relaxed but with obvious sexual tension. It’s still early but we want to take the initiative so I grab the bottle and glasses, take her hand and we walk to one of the bedrooms. There’s a large bed, lots of pillows, subdued lighting and a door that can be locked, but we leave it open.

We kiss by the door. I take off my shirt, shoes and pants; she drops her skirt and raises her arms for me to remove her top. She looks wonderful; matching black lace bra & knickers, stockings and heels.

We kiss. I ask her if she’s still OK with it. I always love the rich taste of red wine and cigarettes on her breath; it reminds me she’s a warm, ripe woman who enjoys indulging her urges, who likes to do the things that make her body feel good.

‘Oh, God, yeah…’ she replies.

I can see faces through the door. It’s not at all creepy; one or two couples discretely watching us. I kiss her neck, unclip her bra, expose her pretty boobs. She pulls down her panties, lets them fall to her ankles and steps out of them.

I’m naked now and bring her to the bed. We talked about how we’d do this; I pile up the pillows and semi recline on them, and she sits between my legs, facing the door. I bring her down onto my chest and she turns her head so we can kiss luxuriously. I whisper in her ear that it’s time for a little company. I stroke her breasts gently and I can feel her heart beating as she enjoys showing herself off and anticipates what’s going to happen; what we’ve dreamed of for so long.


For months we’ve fantasized about her having unprotected sex with strangers, and the risk of becoming pregnant. It started innocently; a chance comment by a girl in a porn film we were watching together had us both hot. ‘Don’t cum in me, I’m not on the pill…’ We both responded and it was obvious from the start we were excited by that risk. We watched it again while I fucked her, that line triggering a simultaneous orgasm. Over the next few months we talked, watched videos, had amazing sex, always with pregnancy risk at the heart of our enjoyment.

We didn’t want to start a family, at least not yet. We didn’t even know if we could; she was using birth control pills anyway. But there was something about the danger that intoxicated us. We agreed she should stop taking the pill; from now on I would withdraw, cum in her mouth or on her tits. It’s amazing how strongly you want to cum in a woman’s vagina when you are no longer allowed! We had some wonderful sex this way but we soon started to have darker, kinkier thoughts, leading to our current situation.

I gently part her knees. She shifts slightly and spreads her legs wide apart, letting everyone see how swollen and ripe she is. I smile and motion to the couple at the door that they should join us and they eagerly agree. They’re a good-looking mature couple; the lady, a redhead, kneels beside her. ‘Oh, you’re so gorgeous, honey…’ She kisses her and kisses me, while her husband kisses and strokes my lady’s inner thighs.

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