Showing Off Around The House 4/5 (20)

We were out drinking at our neighborhood bar and getting pretty drunk when my best friend confessed to me that my wife drives everyone nuts the way she dresses around the house.
Him and a couple others in our group of friends always talk about how hot and horny she looks around the house when they come over.

She’s 5’8” tall and 165lbs of woman all legs and ass. She wears short tight spandex shorts showing off her thick muscular legs and camel toe and a spaghetti strap tank showing her heavy tits and nipples. She is always bare foot which the guys love and she reeks with sexuality.

She really gets off on dressing skimpy around them, she catches them staring at her legs and ass and she knows that they all want to fuck her and would if they got the chance. She gets horny showing off and she frequently slips away for a few minutes during their visits so she can rub her pussy to orgasm in our bedroom.

When he told me this I texted her to tell her what he had said. She was at home at the time and she got really turned on by what he had told me.

She found this friend in particular rather attractive and we had known him for many years and he was hung like a horse with 9 thick inches of hard cock. I’d share with her his guy stories about all of his conquests and how they all fell to their knees when they first saw his big dick. Feeling a little bold that night she told me to bring him home. She wanted to give me and him a big surprise.

I convinced him to come home with me to smoke some herb and stare my half naked wife for a while as we got high. It didn’t take much convincing and on the way home in the car he asked me if he could show her his big cock tonight. He was begging me to just let her take a look at it and see what happens. We agreed and told him that he could show her once and then what happens was up to her.

We got to the house and I rang the bell instead of using my key. To my surprise my wife had gone a step farther for John and was wearing a tight spaghetti strap tank with a black thong. I immediately recognized how horny she had gotten expecting to show off for John and his big cock.

We went inside and everyone got comfortable in the living room and my wife served us drinks and we lit a joint. She was walking around back and forth in front of us and I could see that John’s thick penis was hard and about to burst the buttons on his pants.

I gave John permission to rub my wife’s thick round ass and he did almost cumming in his pants from the excitement.

He couldn’t resist any longer and he stood up and said “Damnit I need some relief!”

He pulled down his pants and he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His long thick cock sprang out in front of him and when she saw it I saw her eyes get big. “Oh my God you’re beautiful” she exclaimed!

Just like he told me the others had done she dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock like her life depended on it. She was enjoying sucking his big dick so much that she was grunting and moaning while she was doing it. She was acting like she was starving for big cock.

She shoved him back down on the couch and continued to swallow as much cock down her throat as she could handle.

He didn’t last more than a couple of minutes and he blew a huge load into her mouth. As she tried to swallow she couldn’t handle his volume and she almost chocked spilling large amounts of cum all over her chin and his cock. She licked up every missed drop off of his still rock hard cock until he was clean.

John begged to fuck her and I could tell that she wanted it but she’s making him wait until the next time.

We still haven’t had John over again yet but it’ll happen soon. She’s been talking about how big and how amazingly hard his cock was and she’s been masturbating while talking about it. I love how she drools over big cocks, stay tuned.

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  • Donald Dunlap

    Reply Reply November 17, 2017

    Great story,sounds about like my Wifes first she see my friend Tommy almost every night..

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