My Wife At The Peep Booth 3.9/5 (7)

Since my wife and I’s trip first trip  to a peep booth seemed to work out very well (that’s another story for another time) we were sitting around the house a couple months later when she said do you want to go to that place for a little while. She caught me off guard and I asked what place. She smiled and said the place with the booths and the movies. I caught on quickly and told her yes that would be great. She went in and changed and came back out in shorts and a loose blouse and said lets go.

On the way there she told me okay before we get there some ground rules. Number one I am not putting any dicks in my mouth or any other place. Number two I want you to be very observant of who goes in the booth next to us. I assured her that was rules I could live with. We got closer to the shop and I said any more rules or is that everything. She told me that pretty much covers it and added too many rules and we would not have any fun.

I agreed and then told her she had not said anything about no black guys so does that mean that was okay and she said same rules apply as I already went over. So right before we went in I again asked so if a black guy is in the next booth then that is okay. She gave me a look and said what is it with you about me playing with a black guy. I told her no big deal just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

We went in and looked again at the toys and videos and she mentioned that there was no one that she found the least bit attractive at all there this time. I told her we could leave and she said no we can stay and the said lets go to the back but remember keep a eye out.

We headed back and unlike last time there was no end booth available and we ended up going in a center booth. Once inside it I told her booths on both sides were occupied so no idea who was in them and she laughed and said I am sure we will soon find out. I put money in and moved the chair far enough forward where I could stand behind it.

Probably about thirty second in she looked back at me and then tapped her fingers on the hole and as soon as she moved her hand a cock came through and she looked down at it and then gave me a look and whispered I have never ever seen one like that in real life (it was uncut). I laughed and said you asked for it.

She reached for it and used her fingers on it and in short time it looked no different as it had gotten fully hard. They guy pulled back and tapped on the hole and she again looked at me and I told her maybe she should tell him that she is a woman so she did. He quickly pulled back and said not interested. That shocked her and she looked at me as what now so I motioned to the other side and said try that side.

So she tapped her fingers on that side and waited a few seconds and sure enough a big black cock appeared and she did not hesitate and took him in her fingers and started playing and he got hard instantly and she now took her full hand and was playing with him and she whispered to me he is big and then I wished I knew who was over there. She played a few more minutes and leaned down and kind of whispered through the hole hey very nice.

The guy then said dam I can not believe there is a lady in here as that never happens. So she asked was that okay and he told her oh yes that was great.

She played another minute or so with him when he said hey and she answered and he asked would it be possible for him to play with her some. She said sure and got up and pushed her shorts and panties down around her knees and moved closer. His hand came through the hole and he had a huge hand. So she moved and kind of just slid right up over his hand. He said oh man that feels nice.

Like the other guy did he kept moving her with his hands where he could also play with her butt. He then stopped for a second and said hey again and she responded. He asked would she move back and let him get down and look at her front and back and she told him sure. After doing that for him she said now I want to see and he did the same for her. She stood back up and said I can not see anything but the mid part of his body. So she moved closer again and asked him could he got out front where she could see him and he said sure and told her he had on the grey shorts.

We walked back in the sales area and as we came in to the light there was a black guy standing looking at videos and he had on grey shorts and a red polo shirt. She walked right up beside him and said hi. The guy told her she was a looker for sure. She thanked him and we walked on by him and she walked around the corner out of ear shot and told me he was a lot older than she would have thought.

I asked for what she was doing what did age have to do with it and she said nothing I was just saying. I asked did she want to go or want to stay or what. Of course she told me it was up to me and then asked did it excite me to see his hands on her. I told her oh yea it was hot.

She then turned and went back down his aisle and when she got about a foot from him she squatted down and picked up a video as if she was reading it. I walked right on past the both of them. She continued like she was reading and then looked up at him and smiled and then glance right at his crotch and licked her lips and then sat the video down and stood up. There was plenty of room behind where I had walked by but she turned and walked right in front of him and basically rubbed her thigh across his crotch.

She then got passed him and picked up another video but stood up reading it. I walked back past her and rubbed my hand across her butt as I did and walked on past him. He gave me a glance and I just gave him a shrug. So he walked slowly past her and rubs his hand across her butt like I did and gives it a pinch.

This had become a game now because she walked directly in front of him and picked up a video and was looking at it. She looked both ways making sure no one was on that aisle and backed her butt up right in his crotch. Her nipples even under the shirt and bra were rock hard. She did not move quickly and even pushed back against his crotch before moving.

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