My Wife Out Of Town With A Coworker 4.6/5 (5)

She travels to Georgia once a year for a business meeting. A week long series of meetings with others from out of state divisions as well. SO she has had contact with this one guy on the phone for years. Coworkers but in different states. They met last year at the meeting and hung around together most of the week. She said they went to dinner with the company then after for a few drinks.

She and this guy, let’s call him Johnson stayed for some dancing. They ended up kissing that year and she says she grabbed his cock in the lounge and liked what she felt. She told him she wanted to fuck him but didn’t think she was serious being married and all. Though she told him that if I had been there, I would have been more than happy to watch. But I guess it freaked him out not knowing our lifestyle.

So things didn’t happen last year but they have kept in contact through company business as they deal with one another on a weekly basis over the phone.

SO this year she traveled to Georgia again for the meetings. She had mentioned that she wanted to do this guy and if I had any objections seeing I would not be there. I have zero objections and as long as she sends me a pic of his cum in her, I’d be happy! With a full report!

So this year she goes and the company gets her a room of her own. Each out of state employee gets their own room and a car rental to drive for the week. She was happy, got to drive a Juke around town. She wanted one before she got her new car. Much better than a Juke but still she wondered what it would be like so that was a good thing, trying a new vehicle and a new cock all in the same week.

When she got there, she sent me pics of the hotel room.

Pretty happy with the room but even more happy that she got to hang out with Johnson for a week. All day meetings then after work, she would head out for dinner. Couple days with other employees but she wasn’t interested in them at all, she wanted Johnson!

Finally on the third day he agreed to go out with her. He was hesitant knowing what she wanted. I think trying to avoid trouble as he is married as well. No trouble here, Gigi just wants a big cock and no strings. So the third day, they go out to dinner with a group but like last year, they end up staying after for drinks and dancing.

That night they end up in the car making out, kissing and she’s grabbing his cock hoping he will come back to the room with her. But he keeps saying, “what about my wife?”. Gigi tells him that she will never find out, they will fuck and then go their own ways back to their home states, no harm done! But that night, the guy is just happy to have some fun in the car while she jacks his cock in the car.

Gigi says the next day they go to the meeting and she pretty much ignores the guy just to show him it is not a problem in meetings that week. After the meeting he asks her if she is upset or having regrets about the previous night. No she told him, just showing him that things are under control.

So now it’s Thursday and the week is almost over and she has only gotten to jack his big cock in the car but not take it like she wanted, in her bed!

But after the meetings he asks her to go to dinner. They go but can’t really eat as she figures this is the night and she is too excited to eat. Sue enough a few drinks then he says he has to go to his hotel to check in with his wife who will be calling, checking on him then he will meet her at her room.

She goes back to her room and that is when she sent me the first text. Fresh out of the shower, she sends a text saying he is on his way.

A few minutes later she sends another text making sure it was OK with me that she was going to fuck this guy. Hell yeah, full report and pics if she can.

Sadly because the guy is married and they work for the same company, he gave her a few good reasons why he didn’t want to be in any pictures. I can’t blame him but it would have been much more exciting if Had at least gotten to see him on top of her reaming her with his big cock. But oh well!

So he just takes a few pics of her laying back showing her tits. That starts it off then she ends up sucking his cock like she loves to do! He ends up fucking her for an hour then lets her suck his cock again so he can shoot his load on her tits.

Now it’s getting late so he runs back to his hotel to check in with his wife figuring he better so she thinks he’s in his room for the night.

He calls then heads back to Gigi’s hotel room. He ends up spending the night with Gigi laying in the bed playing around till his cock gets hard again. Gigi said his cock was so big that it took a while to get it hard again. She just lay there with him kissing in bed and stroking his cock hoping it comes back to life.

His cock still not hard but Gigi takes advantage of it and kisses his cock, licking his nuts, and sucking on his semi hard head. She said his cock was only semi hard but yet still bigger than mu cock at a full erection. Hey, doesn’t bother me, I know Gigi craves a horse cock now and then so a long as she enjoys it, I’m good with it. No jealousy here, only wish I could watch!

Gigi says it’s not for a while that his cock gets hard again and by this time it’s after 11 pm. They start fucking again but she’s kind of worried the next door neighbor will hear the headboard hitting the wall as the guy is back on her drilling her hard. She said they started laughing knowing that the neighbor was one of the visitors from out of state. Who knows what they were thinking ha ha?!

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  • Brad Long

    Reply Reply January 14, 2018

    Interesting story and enjoyed the part about fucking Gigi’s ass

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