Wife’s Fantasy Gone “Wrong” 4.8/5 (30)

I’ve been married to my wife for 6 years. We have an average, normal sex life. Nothing crazy. Although, she does like to suck my dick and usually does every time we have sex. She is really good, too. Definitely the best head I’ve ever had. She can deepthroat my six inches pretty easily. We have sex once, maybe twice a week, if I’m lucky. I’d like it to happen more often, but she gets up early for work and I work retail (sometimes closing shifts). Most days she’s asleep by the time I come home. On the weekends, we like to drink and that’s usually when we have the best sex.

So, one night on a weekend, we are drinking and just watching tv. There was a sex scene that came on which must have ignited this whole thing. She turns to me.

Wife: “Do you have any fantasies that you would want to try?”

I was kind of like a deer in headlights. I think to myself, is now the right time to reveal my freaky side? Should I tell her some of my true fantasies? I considered her feelings and decided it would be better to not freak her out. I ended up saying the first thing that I thought was a little taboo, but still tame.

Me: “Anal?”

She rolled her eyes.

Me: “Hey, come on. I thought we were being open and honest.”

Wife: “Yeah, you’re right. Sorry. I’m open to try it, …I guess.”

I could tell she wasn’t really into it. I was still excited though. Maybe down the road I could eventually wear her down and get to fuck her ass.

Me: “Do YOU have any fantasies?”

She grinned, but didn’t say anything.

Me: “Come on, tell me. I told you mine.”

I was expecting her to say something pretty tame like spanking or role play.

Wife: “Well…” she paused.

Me: “Yes??”

Wife: “I think it would be hot if someone watched us have sex.”

I was totally floored! My heart started to beat harder. My dick started to wake up.

Me: “Oh really?! Like who?”

Wife: “Ummm.. I don’t know. Maybe we could find somebody from Craigslist??”

My dick is at least half hard now, but I’m playing it cool. So I clarify the fantasy.

Me: “So, you want to have someone come here and JUST watch us. Not a threesome?”

I knew the second I finished saying that I had pushed it too far.

Wife: “I am NOT sharing you with anybody.”

My wife has casually mentioned a couple times during our marriage that she would never be into a threesome. I had just accepted the fact that I would never experience a threesome. I laughed it off. No way she would actually go through with this.

Me: “Alright, alright.”

Wife: “Would you be willing to try it out?”

Me: “Um… maybe. Let me think about it.”

I got up to get a snack. We watched tv some more, went to bed, had sex and went to sleep. The next morning I wake up with a headache. She’s making breakfast. I can tell she’s been up for awhile.


  • Santiago

    Reply Reply January 2, 2018

    This was fucking incredible I was not expecting that at all I hope you two are doing great. What did she say about the experience have you guys had a threesome with a female yet. What other experience have you guys had???


    Reply Reply January 9, 2018

    i like it long and good

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